Samstag, 25. Februar 2017

elia together 2017

Zurück von zwei vollen und tollen Tagen in Berlin bei der elia together Konferenz 2017. Ein Bild sagt ja bekanntlich mehr als tausend Worte, deshalb hier ein Eindruck:
Passender Titel der Bahnzeitschrift auf dem Weg nach Berlin
Das Team von elia

Mein Lieblingsteilnehmer!

Networking Dinner im Wasserwerk

Offizielle Eröffnung

Footloose, Baby!

Der nächste Morgen... die Nacht war lang?!

Goodbye Berlin - schee war's!

Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

4 Questions

This week, I came across a post over on the blog of TM-Town about what a customer should ask himself or herself before hiring a professional translator. Just four simple questions:

#1 What type of content do you want to translate?
#2 Where is the audience of your content located?
#3 What is the subject matter of your translation?
#4 How do you intend to use the translation?
I would have thought that's only logical, but maybe not? I don't think I've ever had this happen to me before. Have you? Has anyone ever had the situation where you got a request from a customer who had no clue what he wanted or for what he needed it? And if so, how often does that happen? Frequently? Just once? 
I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Samstag, 11. Februar 2017

Ich mache einen Feinkostladen auf...

... zumindest ist das der Plan. Nicht, dass ich bis jetzt ein Discounter gewesen wäre... Naja, vielleicht ein bisschen... Aber jetzt mache ich einen Feinkostladen auf! Hat etwas mit dem Seminar letzte Woche zu tun...
Der erste Schritt ist schon getan, der nächste kommt vielleicht schon in zwei Wochen (und die ersten Kunden vielleicht auch).

Ich spreche in Rätseln? Dann hilft dieser tolle Beitrag von Mirima Neidhardt auf ihrem Blog "Überleben als Übersetzer"

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

New direction, new ideas

Yesterday, I attended a very interesting BDÜ workshop on marketing in Munich. And although I wasn't too happy about the long day initially (since I have a ton of work), it turned out to have been a very good idea, indeed to go.

It started out with us having to pick a picture and then introducing ourselves and using the picture to describe our current (professional) situation. Here's the one I picked:

Now, if you know me, this shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, I am first and foremost a musician at heart, and one of the reasons why I registered for the workshop was that I would love to make that my specialization professionally even more.
The other reason, both for the workshop and the picture, was that I love being "on stage", which is where an interpreter is most of the time, and I would love to do much more of that, too.

Throughout the workshop, we got a lot of input and ideas and had to do some "soul searching", i.e. look at all kinds of things from different perspectives, such as our strengths or our target groups aka (potential) customers. The goal was to see where we are experts and are able meet the needs of others, which will make us more content with our work AND boost our businesses at the same time. Win-win, I'd say!
And the result for me was quite surprising and not at all what I had expected. It also means quite a bit of work, primarily on my web presence (yikes!), but if things actually go the way I imagine, then a year from now, my freelance work could look somewhat different from how it is now - but even better!

I bet you're wondering what I want to change, aren't you? Well, not to make it a big secret, but you know what we Germans say: "Don't talk about unlaid eggs." And one important point we learned yesterday was to stand out from the rest, and giving away too much too soon might lessen my chance at doing just that, so for now, you'll just have to keep wondering - sorry!
But don't worry, I'll let you in on the new stuff once I'm ready to go public, as it were! ;-)