Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Back from vacation...

... and what a vacation it was?! 4400km on 2 wheels in 2 weeks, through the Southern French Alps, all the way to the Mediterranean, through the Provence (lavender harvest!) and back. The weather was mostly good, and it was great fun and the landscape just amazing!

Being back in the office Monday morning was quite hard after that. The 10001 e-mails waiting for me didn't really help, either... but hey! I'm not complaining! I have work with nice deadlines to make the transition into the regular schedule better, and I got my teaching schedule for this school year, which turned out better than I had hoped for!

So all in all, this summer has been going pretty good, even if the weather has been feeling more like fall... but I'm counting on an Indian Summer!

Hope y'all are having a great summer, too!

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Deutschlernen leicht gemacht

Das Video ist zwar auf Englisch, aber für Deutsche trotzdem lustig...Viel Spaß damit!

Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Word crimes

I'm sure everyone who has anything to do with language has seen the latest video by Weird Al Yankovic. If not, here it is:

Although I like the music and laughed when I first saw it (I have to admit, there's a little bit of a grammar-nazi in me, too), this article by Stan Carey over at Sentence first made me have second thoughts.

What do you think? Is it funny, mean, thoughtless, good, bad...? I'd be interested to read your comments!

Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

FIT-Kongress 2014 in Berlin

So, nun bin ich wieder zurück vom FIT-Kongress in Berlin. Er war, wie auch schon die letzten beiden vom BDÜ organisierten Konferenzen, in jeder Hinsicht klasse.

Nicht nur war das Drumherum (Getränke, Obst und Snacks in den Pausen, Mittagessen, und am Dienstagabend das Sommerfest anlässlich des 60. Geburtstag der FIT, sowie viele Aussteller von Software bis Versicherung) wieder hervorragend, auch die Vorträge, Podiumsdiskussionen und Workshops, die ich mir ausgesucht hatte, waren wirklich lohnenswert. Ich habe jede Menge Input bekommen und auch viele Anregungen für meinen Unterricht nächstes Jahr, was so gar nicht angedacht gewesen war.
Ich habe wieder viele Kollegen getroffen, ein paar neue kennen gelernt, ein paar Gesichter zu Twitteranern gefunden, und sogar einige Kunden persönlich getroffen.
Und natürlich konnte ich auch nicht ohne ein paar Bücher und Materialien (ich sage nur: Intrepreter's Brain Extension!) mehr im Gepäck wieder abreisen.

Mein Kopf ist voll, meine Füße sind etwas geschunden, aber ich habe ja jetzt reichlich Zeit, um alles in Ruhe zu verarbeiten und mich zu erholen.

Ich hoffe, die anderen Teilnehmer fanden den Kongress ebenso toll, und freue mich schon aufs nächste Mal, wann und wo auch immer das sein wird!

Doppelter Regenbogen auf dem Weg nach Berlin - ein gutes Zeichen! (Mit dem Handy durch die Scheibe geschossen, deswegen leider keine so gute Qualität)

Freitag, 1. August 2014

August thoughts

This year just seems to fly by, it's already August, with summer vacation just around the corner, and I am so very much looking forward to it!

My first year teaching is over, and I think it went pretty well, even if it was quite stressful at times. I got very positive feedback from my students, which not only was a nice boost to my ego, but also made me feel like I actually was able to teach them a thing or two about life as a translator and interpreter and some of the necessary skills needed to be one "out here in the real world".

Next week I'll be in Berlin for the FIT World Congress, something I'm looking forward to very much, especially the impromptu theater workshop on Tuesday. And of course, I hope to see many of my colleagues there, especially the ones I usually don't have a chance to see (in person) otherwise.

There is one more big job to finish, then I'll be off to my long-awaited vacation to the south of France on two wheels. I'm really looking forward to this time without e-mails and cellphone (except for emergencies).
I can see how sometimes it may be necessary to be available even when you're officially on vacation, but I try to make it a point to have a real time off from work. My regular clients are forewarned, and any news ones will just have to wait til I get back - or look elsewhere. Maybe that's hard to understand for some, but it's important to me to get away from it all for a while, and "all" includes work, even if it means missed jobs. Recharging my batteries is worth it for me.

Well, I need to get back to that big job, so I can get ready without stress, so have a good weekend, everyone! ;-)