Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

End of year

This year seems to have gone by in a flash - only four more days are left of it! It's been quite turbulent for me, thankfully mostly good, with a few changes thrown in.
The biggest change was my accepting a job as teacher for interpreting, at-sight translation and terminology and computer-assisted translation, plus the classes I am subbing (general translation and a prep course for the IHK translator exam). It has been great fun, even if it is also challenging at times and takes a lot of time for preparation etc., but I like it and I think I am actually pretty good at it.
The last few weeks have been somewhat crazy, since I had my 12 hours to teach, plus a full load of translations, including a new client for whom I actually get to do translations that are in what I like to call my "real" specialty, music. I am really excited about having landed that job, especially since it is a recurring one (a guitar magazine). However, it also meant that my Christmas this year was not quite as relaxing as I had planned, since the holidays in the US are shorter than here in Germany (we have three days of Christmas). I still got to spend some time with my family, though, so all is well, even if I am having to work while my office is officially closed.
And it's not all work - I still have some more fun things planned this year and will greet 2014 in style.

I hope your year was a good one, not only professionally but especially regarding your private life.
I wish you an even better 2014, with health, happiness and fun! I hope to see and hear from many of you in the next twelve months!

Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

BDÜ Fachliste Wirtschaft und Finanzen

Jetzt ist sie endlich da: die BDÜ Fachliste Wirtschaft und Finanzen 2014/2015!
Herausgegeben wird sie alle zwei Jahre, die Eintragung ist kostenpflichtig (aber nicht teuer für so eine Werbemaßnahme!), und bis oben voller qualifizierter Wirtschaftsübersetzer, die gemeinsam über 30 Sprachen und eine schier unermessliche Vielfalt an Spezialgebieten abdecken.
Außerdem sind vorne noch Tipps für die Suche nach dem passenden Übersetzer und für die erste Zusammenarbeit und ein Hinweis auf die Online-Datenbank des BDÜ enthalten, in der sich sämtliche, im BDÜ vertretene Sprachen und Fachgebiete finden.
Sie soll "Experten im Bereich Wirtschaft, Handel oder Finanzen bei der Suche nach einem kompetenten Übersetzer unterstützen", so der Text auf der BDÜ-Seite.
Herunterladen kann man sie hier .

Und das Beste: ich stehe auch drin! :)

Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

The importance of checking your supplier - beforehand!

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of the South African sign language interpreter who was on stage with and supposed to interpret among others the speech by President Obama during the memorial for Nelson Mandela this week. It even made the evening news here in Germany! (Here is one of many articles detailing what happened.)

I don't know sign language (except for "Thank you"), but even I could tell whatever he did was not correct. As one woman on TV stated, he did not even use the sign for "Mandela", which should have come up several times, and which even non-signers know.

His statement that he suffered from a schizophrenic attack may or may not be true, but it probably isn't, at least according to some comments made by specialists. And yes, quite a few people must have done quite a few things wrong, whether this was due to certain procedures, or oversight, or laziness, or whatever. But the one thing that stuck out for me was that apparently Mr. Thamsanqa Jantjie (who seems to be a legitimate sign language interpreter, but had already had complaints lodged against him in the past) was hired by an agency - which has now disappeared!

Isn't this just another prime example of why it is so utterly important to really make sure you are hiring reliable, trustworthy interpreters, whether directly or through an agency, who will deliver high quality? Regardless of how short on time - or money, for that matter - you are, alway, always check who you are hiring to help you communicate!
There are plenty of ways to do this: first and foremost the various associations (such as the BDÜ, ITI, ATA etc.). They usually have certain criteria for membership, ensuring at least a minimum of qualification, and listings of all their members detailing language combinations and specializations.
You can also ask either others who you know have hired interpreters or translators before, and get references (and check them, too!) from any potential suppliers.
And of course, there's the world wide web, with all its huge amounts of information available. Chances are that if someone is a professional who takes his or her job seriously, there will be some proof out there (web page, professional platforms, forums, blogs, etc.).
(And if you are a professional translator and/or interpreter, make sure that positive information is out there!)

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Tolle Anerkennung

Vor gut einem Jahr habe ich auf einer Konferenz des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes gedolmetscht. Das Thema war interkulturelle Öffnung, und es waren unter anderem auch Vertreter des British Red Cross dabei, die einen Workshop und einen Vortrag über ihr Projekt "Positive Images" hielten. Dabei war ich für die Verdolmetschung zuständig.
Es war nicht nur sehr interessant, ich habe auch mal wieder jede Menge gelernt über ein Thema, mit dem ich mich vorher noch nicht so befasst hatte.
Das Beste aber kam jetzt mit der Post, nämlich der Reader (heißt tatsächlich so) zur Konferenz. Erst dachte ich: 'Warum schicken die mir den?', aber bei genauerem Hinsehen wurde mir klar, warum. Es ist eine Anerkennung, ein Dankeschön für meine Arbeit, denn ich bin nicht nur namentlich an gleich drei Stellen genannt (vorne bei den Danksagungen und bei den zwei Berichten über den Workshop und den Vortrag, auch wenn sie Übersetzung statt Verdolmetschung geschrieben haben), es ist sogar ein Foto von mir dabei!

Das ist doch mal eine tolle Anerkennung von seitens des Kunden, nicht nur an mich persönlich, sondern öffentlich! Dankeschön!