Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

News from the booth - The municipal setup

I was on an interpreting assignment yesterday afternoon, relieving a colleague who had been working the morning shift at a conference organized by the city of N. Having worked for them before under less-than-perfect conditions (that'll be the topic of another post), I was curious what the setup would be like.

When I got there, the booth sat in nice view of the stage and screen, the technician was literally within arm's reach, and there was water and glasses and electricity. Yeah, I thought happily, they did it right!
I had to smile at the sight of the single and somewhat ancient microphone without a mute option, but in exchange, the almost sound-proof headphones had a little volume control slide button on the cables. On mine only the right side worked, but that was okay, since I prefer to hear myself and would have left one ear uncovered anyway.

The final setup
However, this was the setup only after my colleague and the technician had rebelled in the morning - the original setup had included a speaker instead of headphones, although my colleague had been very specific about what was needed beforehand?! And the customer only agreed to get the headphones after they explained to him that the people listening would hear the interpretation as well as the original, and that in stereo, from the stage and from their headsets. The fact that the interpreters would have a hard time working under such circumstances was apparently not convincing enough...

In any case, the customer came to us afterwards and expressed his extreme gratitude at our wonderful "translation" and how thankful he was that we had been there, so maybe next time he'll remember to listen to the requirements of the interpreters and do the setup right from the start…

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